Brock and Laurie O’Byrne

Brock and Laurie O'Byrne, Yoga By The Sea Tai Chi instructors

Brock and Laurie O’Byrne have been practicing Tai Chi and other martial arts for over 40 years and have had the privilege of such great teachers as Ch’eng Man Ch’ing’s students Patrick Watson and Ben Low as well as Master Mak Po and Ichuan Master, Sam Tam. Their practice is also informed by Oscar Ichazo and the Arica School of Knowledge, of which they are certified teachers of meditation practices and the theory of the enneagram and human consciousness.

They teach a short form of Tai Chi that was brought to North America by Master Cheng Man Ch’ing. They also teach Tai Chi Sword, push hands, applications and Qigong practices. For more information please contact Laurie at or 604-885-8899.