Karin Watson

Karin Watson | Yoga by the Sea

A graduate of Hasu’s 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings, and of the 100 hour Amrit Institute’s Yoga Nidra practitioner program, Karin has been drawn to yogic philosophy and practice from the start. She began with her mom, Kareen Zebroff’s book Yoga for Children and Lawrence Welk or Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita as the soundtrack. Asana and pranayama were joyful, natural and curious explorations even from a very early age. The promise of the practice for her is expansion – an increasing sense of oneness, a welcoming of the whole self, creation of spaciousness on all planes, and a growing, conscious presence – both on and off the mat. With deep respect for the tradition, its immeasurable teachings and all branches and forms of the practice, Karin will forever be a student of yoga.