Meghan “Ananda” Styles

image: Meghan "Ananda" Styles

Meghan has been a yoga student for nearly half her life and has been teaching since 2019.  The slower, meditative style of the Amrit Yoga Lineage has provided a balance to her habitual tendency to constantly be busy and on the go go go.  Her consistent practice is the tether back to the calm place inside that makes it easier to pause, rest, and be more calm, present, and loving in everyday interactions.  Meghan creates a space in her classes where students are invited to meet themselves where they are at in the moment, always.  Her classes are both light and soulful, both physical and meditative.  A spiritual seeker, Meghan is constantly exploring the spiritual side of the practice, bringing the spiritual teachings in through the lens of everyday life interactions.

Meghan is a graduate of the 200 Hour and Advanced 300 Hour YTT programs at Yoga by the Sea.  Of all the benefits of yoga and meditation, perhaps the most cherished is how this practice has deepened the experience of love with the people closest to her in her love, including her children, Carson and Harper, and her husband, Doug.  She is incredibly grateful to the many teachers who have handed down these teachings over the past several thousand years, so that we may receive them today, and also to share with her students what she has learned from her own teachers and through her experience.