Melissa “Atma Indrani Chandra Devi” Lyons

Melissa is a long time Yogi who graduated from Yoga By The Sea’s very first teacher training in 2012. Her passion for supporting people as they come to explore the connections between their body, mind and life led her to become a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner and certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Group Facilitator. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a modality that facilitates movement based Mindfulness practice and living. Experienced in either a private session or in an 8 week theme based group workshop, PRYT uses yoga poses as a gateway to access ones innate body wisdom, offering truth, balance, wellbeing, and harmony to ones life.

Melissa has expanded on her work in schools with kids with special needs (SEA, ABA and NVCI) to become certified in Yoga Therapy for children and young adults with special needs. She was trained by Louise Goldberg of Creative Relaxation Yoga Therapy in 2015.

Melissa recently completed her 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training with Hasu, and has done additional programs through the Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida.

Expect your learning experience with Melissa to focus on breath, core awareness and mindful movement. Her Hatha classes encourage an increased awareness of body-mind-life connections; empowering you to take the awarenesses of your asana practice off the mat and into your life

Teaching these classes: