Melony “Aditi” Mok

Melony Mok: Melony "Aditi" Mok

Movement has always been sacred to me. I have danced my whole life, whether it’s been grooving to a good song in my living room, taking dance classes or flowing through a vinyasa. Through dance I discovered how truly wonderful it feels to be so deeply connected with the body and breath moving together as one, it feels as though I am communing with the Divine.

I dabbled in yoga as a way to stay fit and flexible as a dancer. The true depth of yoga was revealed to me during my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga By the Sea on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC. I had a feeling of arriving home. We moved through postures seamlessly with an emphasis of body- breath connection. Which then led me to deepen my practice even more by taking my 300 hour advanced training as well as my Level 1 certification in Amrit Method Yoga Nidra.

Yoga has transformed my life in a variety of ways. It has allowed me to be more present in my daily life with a deep acceptance and inner knowing of my true self. Trusting my intuitions by living from my heart center and surrendering to the beautiful flow of energy that is life.

I teach from my own personal experience and from my Heart. I believe in a practice led by breath and the innate wisdom of the body. I teach Hatha based yoga classes with a focus on pranayama and energy releases. With a deep respect for safe alignment I encourage the student to turn inwards to observe the profound effects of the practice in the moment.

I truly believe in the transformative power of this beautiful practice and and look forward to many more years of falling deeply in love with the magic of yoga!