Instructors and Staff

Our dedicated, experienced and professional instructors, with generous hearts and deep personal knowledge, offer a variety of classes and services including yoga, meditation, pilates, tai chi, bodywork, therapy and advanced learning.

Marney “Hasu” Coulter

Hasu Marney Coulter

Hasu is an intuitive and knowledgeable Yogi. For nearly 28 years, she has shared a flowing practice which creates self-alignment and attunement, based on teachings from her own life experience, Amrit Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. The focus is on exploring sensation through movement and stillness, while drawing on the breath as a… Read more

Lyne Lantaigne

lyne bio photo MG 0480: Lyne Lantaigne

B.Ed., BFA, Registered Yoga Therapist, CYA-E-RYT 550, C-IYAT I’m an experienced Yoga Therapist specializing in the therapeutic application of Yoga for people of all walks of life. I have been teaching Yoga and meditation classes and offering private yoga therapy sessions for over 20 years. Through my programs I have helped hundreds of people. I… Read more

Nicola Tiburzi

Nicola Tiburzi | Yoga by the Sea

Nicola’s experiences of yoga began in her teens. As a young adult, she ‘found’ herself during a residency in an ashram and when sitting in zen traditions. She moved to Roberts Creek in 1994 and in 2000, began offering yoga to the surrounding communities. Nicola dabbled with trainings in many yoga lineages but found home… Read more

Anna Green

Screenshot 2024 02 21 at 10.14.30 AM: Anna Green

E-RYT500, NYE 1000 Trained as an Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher, I creatively embrace all traditions of yoga in my vinyasa flow instruction. My classes include guided posture flow, free form movement and dance, breath awareness, balance sequences, self-awakening therapeutic conditioning, fluid restorative, pranassage and deep relaxation. I believe in fostering awareness and respect for each student’s… Read more

Beata Barinbaum

Screen Shot 2023 10 14 at 5.35.04 PM copy: Beata Barinbaum

Beata Barinbaum is a certified Practitioner and Educator of Meir Schneiderʼs School for Self- Healing method and has been blending this knowledge with an extensive range of other healing modalities since 1999. She has trained in advanced Lymphatic Drainage therapy with Bruno Chikly, assisting the body in evacuating toxins from all body systems; has studied… Read more

Chelsey Allen

web headshot: Chelsey Allen

Chelsey began cultivating her yoga practice while living in Whistler. The mountain lifestyle – coupled with pushing past her edge on the ski hills and bike trails – led her to seek a more compassionate relationship with her body. Yoga became a source of calm, fluidity, healing, support and meditation in motion. In the beginning,… Read more

Christina “Dristi” Bergin

IMG 3131: Christina "Dristi" Bergin

Christina is a lifelong learner. An introduction of yoga over 25 years ago created a curiosity about slow movement and tuning into our bodies. Exploring many different yoga modalities over the years, Christina has found a sacred place in Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation, through her YTT 200 and YTT 300 advanced training. The… Read more

Deg Sanjeet Kaur

Deg Sanjeet Kaur yoga teacher with mudra

Elin  (Deg Sanjeet Kaur) is a local artist, producer and kundalini yoga teacher in Roberts Creek. She has been practicing different forms of yoga for the last 20 years. She moved from Sweden to Canada and came across Yoga West, a kundalini yoga studio that has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in Vancouver since 1973.  She quickly experienced… Read more

Doug Styles

doug: Doug Styles

Doug recently completed his 200-hour teacher training and is continuing on with his 300-hour training starting in April 2022. He is passionate about learning and has been a school teacher for nearly 20 years. Doug played football through his university years so yoga has been a major source of healing for his physical and mental… Read more

Jennifer Helland

IMG 8818: Jennifer Helland

Jennifer Helland – E-RYT® 500, YACEP®,Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Advanced Classical Pilates Teacher, Dancer, Forever Student, Good Friend, Proud Mom Jennifer is grateful each and everyday for the teachings of Yoga and Pilates.  For her, both modalities are an opportunity to arrive in the body just as it is, bearing witness to its ever-changing tides… Read more

John “Hari Niranjan” McDougall-Goulet

John McDougall | Yoga by the Sea

John was first exposed to yoga as a child in the late 1960s and dabbled with it sporadically over the next two decades. In the early 1990s he commenced a regular practice predominantly in the Mysore style of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, participating in workshops and training programs under such luminaries as Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Eoin Finn, Sadie Nardini… Read more

Kassandra Sewell

Image empty state: Kassandra Sewell

My name is Kassandra Sewell – I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years.  I first gained an interest in fitness when I was 12 years old. This interest quickly developed into a passion and a career where I found myself dedicated to understanding the body through movement.   I have acquired both the… Read more

Lauren Hemmes

Screenshot 2024 01 08 at 6.10.00 AM: Lauren Hemmes

Lauren Hemmes is a Certified Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner who offers Empowerment Guidance to those who have come to a crossroads in their life. As a guide and mentor, Lauren supports you in taking the steps you wish to take to better your life. As a Reiki channel, she is a conduit for healing… Read more

Lesley “Japa” Morgan

lesley and TDog yoga: Lesley "Japa" Morgan

Lesley’s life changed in 2016 when she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga By The Sea. In 2019 she continued her journey through the completion of her 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training with Hasu followed by Yoga Nidra and Meditation in Motion through the Amrit Institute. Expanding her teaching to Wake Up… Read more

Lesley Mae “Chandana” Horat

66130685 803651270036815 558784372015104000 n: Lesley Mae "Chandana" Horat

I completed my 200hr YTT and 300hr advanced YTT at Yoga by the Sea. Currently, I work at the studio as a substitute teacher. It is important to me that yoga is accessible for every BODY.  My aim when I teach is that folks not only feel confidence, self love, and peace during my class… Read more

Marina “Amrita” Mawby

Marina: Marina "Amrita" Mawby

Marina is an enchanting and engaging teacher who guides her students through a Divine Flow of yoga postures. She has completed her advanced training with Hasu, and continues her own study through mentoring current advanced YTT students.

Meghan “Ananda” Styles

image: Meghan "Ananda" Styles

Meghan has been a yoga student for nearly half her life and has been teaching since 2019.  The slower, meditative style of the Amrit Yoga Lineage has provided a balance to her habitual tendency to constantly be busy and on the go go go.  Her consistent practice is the tether back to the calm place… Read more

Melissa “Atma Indrani Chandra Devi” Lyons

DSC5382 pp e1659116260283: Melissa "Atma Indrani Chandra Devi" Lyons

Melissa ‘Atma’ Lyons is a long-time Yogi who is passionate about supporting people as they explore the connections between their body, mind and life. She believes that embodiment practices and meditation are key to staying grounded and joyful during these chaotic times, and offers solutions for people looking for more peace through her yoga therapy… Read more

Melissa Enyedy

R7 4324 1: Melissa Enyedy

I love to weave together the wisdom of yoga and mindfulness to curate an experience that nourishes both body and soul. Through gentle yet purposeful movement students will delve into the depths of their being, exploring the subtle energies that flow within. With each breath, I will guide students to release tension and surrender to… Read more

Melony “Aditi” Mok

Melony Mok: Melony "Aditi" Mok

Movement has always been sacred to me. I have danced my whole life, whether it’s been grooving to a good song in my living room, taking dance classes or flowing through a vinyasa. Through dance I discovered how truly wonderful it feels to be so deeply connected with the body and breath moving together as… Read more

Michelle Hurley


Michelle began her yoga journey with Groupon in 2011. A healthy way to hangout with friends evolved into a new lifestyle.  She completed her Astanga-Vinyasa 200 hr in 2014, trained in children’s yoga in 2017, and certified in Yin Yoga in 2018. She has sat for three Vipassana meditations since 2018. Her style is flow… Read more

Monika “Veda” Stein

Live yoga: Monika "Veda" Stein

Monika first experienced yoga in a vinyasa class over 20 years ago, and it transformed her experience of breath, mind and body as a unified meditation. It took 20 years for her to find Yoga By The Sea and delve deeper into the understanding and experience of a full yoga practice through YBTS 200 &… Read more

Roxanne “Moksha” Sammartino

Roxanne Sammartino

Roxanne feels that her life is always evolving and yoga has been a solid foundation which has helped her cultivate peace, clarity, and gratitude. Roxanne began practicing yoga in 2002 with Sharon Tron (OmSweetOm, Sunshine Coast).  After completing her first teacher training (Kids Yoga) at Semperviva in 2014 she has continued to deepen her Yoga… Read more

Sarah Cormack

IMG 4673: Sarah Cormack

My inner quest led me to my spiritual teacher who introduced me to “A Course In Miracles” and to consciousness. This is where I took a 180-degree shift and the trajectory of my life began to miraculously change. Years later, I was accepted and certified through a coaching/mentoring program with Marianne Williamson and became the… Read more

Shel Neufeld

Picture1: Shel Neufeld

“Neufeld invites us to see the minutiae in the heavens and the magnificence in a leaf, to ponder the (in)significance of humankind.  Each shot asks “What is our place in this?”  He succeeds in taking us beyond the binary “Us or Nature” stance to some place more overarching-maybe it’s immersing” In the last 23 years… Read more

Taegan Ackland-Gaetz

Taegan Ackland-Gaetz

Taegan found yoga in 2017 while she was traveling the world and now finds herself studying and teaching yoga on the Sunshine Coast. She recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with YBTS and is continuing on to complete her 300 hour. She is also an intuitive, a reiki practitioner, and has a deep… Read more

Studio Support

Jane Osborne

Jane Osborne, M.A., C.C.C. — Counsellor and member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association - Yoga By The Sea

M.A., C.C.C. — Counsellor and member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Jane Osborne has a small private practice, providing counselling to individual clients at Yoga By the Sea in the Moon Studio. She has provided counselling to youth and adults for over 25 years, combining traditional psychotherapy approaches, with a Danish psychotherapy model… Read more

Judith “Anandi” Grieve

Judith Anandi Grieve

Current Class Leading-Chair Yoga, for over 55sAssisting as adjustor – Restorative YogaSub-Yin YogaSeva Yogi in the studio and during courses Among many others, Bhakti Hasu, Prabhat & Lyne Lantaigne have been my esteemed Yoga teachers, via participation in TT1 and TT2, and through taking their divine classes at Yoga By The Sea. A personal goal… Read more

Vanessa Ooms

Vanessa Ooms WEB 1: Vanessa Ooms

Vanessa first found yoga and meditation in the rec centre of her hometown of Elkford, BC and found the combination of breathwork and visualization to be calming and grounding. Vanessa’s passion is sharing holistic practices that are accessible to all, so that everyone can experience growth, freedom and peace. She is an Entrepreneur, Graphic &… Read more