Ever since I moved to the Coast, Yoga By The Sea for me has become  one of the main community hubs in our beautiful Roberts Creek. Whether one is looking for health improvements,  increased energy, relaxation or spiritual advancement, it appears YBTS has it all covered. The classes with Megan Ananda and Deg Sanjeet Kaur have become the foundational anchor points to my weekly routine of well being. Roxanne Moksha’s Yoga Nidra has always been very delightful as well and I can’t wait to explore more of the Studio’s offerings. Yoga By The Sea has a feel of a home away from home and I feel extremely blessed to have found it within this lifetime.
— Jai Bhagwan, Bob Bálek 

Words cannot convey the gratitude I feel to now be held by a tribe of energetic seekers. I love you all and look forward to ongoing friendships, truth and fun.
— Anonymous

An amazing way to open up to your inner awareness and heal within.
— Anonymous

The Reconnecting to Wisdom program [from BodyMindWisdom] is a beautiful and gentle way to explore exactly where you are in life. With each week and theme is an opportunity for internal connection with the body, mind and spirit. Very informative with practical “tools” for moving in daily life. This is not a “woo woo” program!
— Lori Edwards

Want to do active asanas? Get sweaty? Or rest and restore yourself, like never before?
Laugh? Sing? Breathe deeply? It’s all here, at Yoga By the Sea. Just go.
— Judith

Practising yoga at Yoga by the Sea needs to be experienced to truly understand the benefit to body, mind and spirit. Individual needs are met by watchful and well trained teachers and each practice leaves you better prepared for your life off the mat.
— LH

Yoga has brought much peace to my busy life. I find practicing at YBTS to be both calming and energizing.
— Kathleen

Yoga by the Sea is yoga the way it should be. The teachers and classes really focus on all the limbs of Yoga to bring it all together in a way that is healing and wonderful. We are so lucky to have such an amazing resource here on the Sunshine Coast. Yoga by the Sea feeds my soul.
— Penny

I love your studio! I can say that visiting your classes is one of things I look forward to during our summer visits. Your classes have such a nice relaxing, caring vibe that I think of them throughout the year. It is nice that they are not big and flashy. If you ever open up classes on the North Shore let me know! Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you.
— Anne

I wanted to send you a belated thank-you for the amazing bodywork/massage last week. As you may recall, along with a general need for some external self-care, I had been dealing with a locked and sore upper back and neck, which no amount of my own self-treatment could release. After I left Yoga by the Sea and had some time to come back to earth (!), I realized that not only was my neck unlocked, but I had no residual inflammation, pain, etc., which I would have expected to take several days (or additional treatments) to subside. I certainly felt energetic blocks being released as you worked (ahhh), and overall physical/muscle relaxation, but I have never experienced the complete healing from only one session that occurred during my treatment. Thank-you for sharing your gifts with others, and for providing a sacred space to do it in.
— TW

I highly recommend Yoga by the Sea! I have always felt very welcome since day one. I can’t see daily life without yoga. I am so thankful to all of the wonderful teachers and loving people I have met.
— KF

Thank you for hosting this beautiful workshop. Your studio is as warm and welcoming as you are. You are a joy and inspiration to be around, and your humbleness humility inspires me to be a better person, to listen more.
— Bindu

Thank you for creating this amazing space and nurturing Yoga and Healing on the Coast.
— Jennifer

Always look forward to my sessions here to bring balance back into my life.
— D

Thanks for doing this Open House today! Great way to facilitate exploration of new stuff. For me, it was Qi Gong, which I’m now pretty stoked about!
— Liz