Deg Sanjeet Kaur yoga teacher with mudra

Deg Sanjeet Kaur

Elin  (Deg Sanjeet Kaur) is a local artist, producer and kundalini yoga teacher in Roberts Creek. She has been practicing different forms of yoga for the last 20 years. She moved from Sweden to Canada and came across Yoga West, a kundalini yoga studio that has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in Vancouver since 1973. 

She quickly experienced the effects of this powerful yoga and decided to become a teacher in 2020 and finished 200 h Kundalini Yoga teacher training in June 2021. She is currently working towards her lv 2 teacher training. Elin is trained by the well respected Kundalini Yoga teachers Guru Raj Kaur, Nirmal Kaur and Hari Sing. Elin follows 3HO’s traditional Kundalini Yoga format, and guidelines. 

Kundalini Yoga uplifts your body, mind, and spirit using a dynamic blend of postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayam), kriya, mantra, music & meditation.

Doug Styles

Doug recently completed his 200-hour teacher training and is continuing on with his 300-hour training starting in April 2022. He is passionate about learning and has been a school teacher for nearly 20 years. Doug played football through his university years so yoga has been a major source of healing for his physical and mental scars from his playing days. He looks forward to engaging more people, especially men, to the spiritual aspect of yoga so that we can live as our greatest version of ourselves in this experience of life. Doug brings a sense of playfulness to his meditative yoga classes.


Michelle Hurley

Michelle began her yoga journey with Groupon in 2011. A healthy way to hangout with friends evolved into a new lifestyle.  She completed her Astanga-Vinyasa 200 hr in 2014, trained in children’s yoga in 2017, and certified in Yin Yoga in 2018. She has sat for three Vipassana meditations since 2018. Her style is flow based with a simple intention of helping people feel good in their bodies and minds.

Monika “Veda” Stein

Monika first experienced yoga in a vinyasa class over 20 years ago, and it transformed her experience of breath, mind and body as a unified meditation. It took 20 years for her to find Yoga By The Sea and delve deeper into the understanding and experience of a full yoga practice through YBTS 200 & 300 hour teacher training. Her heart, soul and spirit have found their foundation and home.  Monika is delighted to offer a shared practice grounded in body, mind and spirit to both enliven and expand your experience of Being in and through yoga.

Chelsey Allen

Chelsey began cultivating her yoga practice while living in Whistler. The mountain lifestyle – coupled with pushing past her edge on the ski hills and bike trails – led her to seek a more compassionate relationship with her body.

Yoga became a source of calm, fluidity, healing, support and meditation in motion. In the beginning, she felt yoga was a chance to “catch” her breath. Now it is a time to listen generously to the body through attuning to the breath.

She has a deep appreciation for the natural world and connecting to the body’s inner rhythms. She believes yoga has the capacity to transform patterns and tap into our true essence.

She encourages fellow students to get curious and practice flexibility in mind and body. Synchronizing movement with breath to nurture the spirit.

Based in a tiny forest cabin on the Sunshine Coast, she is grateful for access to fresh air, ocean dips, loved ones and the YBTS community.

She is a graduate of the 200 Hour YTT program under Amrit Institute Senior Teacher Hasu Marney Coulter, an initiate of the Kripalu Lineage, at Yoga by the Sea.

Meghan “Ananda” Styles

Meghan has been a yoga student for nearly half her life and has been teaching since 2019.  The slower, meditative style of the Amrit Yoga Lineage has provided a balance to her habitual tendency to constantly be busy and on the go go go.  Her consistent practice is the tether back to the calm place inside that makes it easier to pause, rest, and be more calm, present, and loving in everyday interactions.  Meghan creates a space in her classes where students are invited to meet themselves where they are at in the moment, always.  Her classes are both light and soulful, both physical and meditative.  A spiritual seeker, Meghan is constantly exploring the spiritual side of the practice, bringing the spiritual teachings in through the lens of everyday life interactions.

Meghan is a graduate of the 200 Hour and Advanced 300 Hour YTT programs at Yoga by the Sea.  Of all the benefits of yoga and meditation, perhaps the most cherished is how this practice has deepened the experience of love with the people closest to her in her love, including her children, Carson and Harper, and her husband, Doug.  She is incredibly grateful to the many teachers who have handed down these teachings over the past several thousand years, so that we may receive them today, and also to share with her students what she has learned from her own teachers and through her experience.

Christina “Dristi” Bergin

Christina is a lifelong learner. An introduction of yoga over 25 years ago created a curiosity about slow movement and tuning into our bodies.

Exploring many different yoga modalities over the years, Christina has found a sacred place in Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation, through her YTT 200 and YTT 300 advanced training.

The heart opening teachings aligned with her seeking ways and has created a beautiful harmony of calm, strength and ease in her practice, on and off the mat.

Christina looks forward to her ongoing practice and evolving into a way of Being as she dives deeper as a teacher.

Lesley Mae “Chandana” Horat

RYT 500 Yoga Alliance

I completed my 200hr YTT and 300hr advanced YTT at Yoga by the Sea. Currently, I work at the studio as a substitute teacher. It is important to me that yoga is accessible for every BODY.  My aim when I teach is that folks not only feel confidence, self love, and peace during my class but, most of all, my wish is that they take those feelings off the mat. 

Lesley “Japa” Morgan

I AM Yoga Nidra logo
RYT 500 Yoga Alliance

Lesley’s life changed in 2016 when she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga By The Sea. She began by teaching karma classes at the studio, then coordinating the program to allow teachers-in-training the opportunity to practice their new craft. Through this service (Seva), she found her heart opening and her mind quietening, deepening her own practice.

In 2019 she continued her journey through the completion of her 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training with Hasu, and expanding her teaching to Wake Up Yoga and then Restorative Yoga at Yoga By The Sea, as well as other classes in her community.

Lesley’s Testimonial

My life has had such a profound shift that I wish everyone can feel the benefits of yoga.

I love how yoga can bring in a sense of community during a class. Where strangers can become friends and neighbors become family.

In my classes I honor my students by meeting them where they are. My students are held with love, respect and compassion.

I never know what I will bring to the mat in any given class. I like to be just as surprised as my students as to where the class goes. I like to think I teach from the heart connecting to my students through meditation, mindful movement, or even dancing.

Life can be so serious I like to remind my students to laugh and have fun.

I’m looking forward to bringing what I learn into my classes. I’m also attempting to learn how to play the ukulele. For me it’s a challenge as I don’t have a musical bone in my body. And maybe just maybe I will bring that into my classes as well.

Light and Love,