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Vanessa Ooms

Vanessa first found yoga and meditation in the rec centre of her hometown of Elkford, BC and found the combination of breathwork and visualization to be calming and grounding.

Vanessa’s passion is sharing holistic practices that are accessible to all, so that everyone can experience growth, freedom and peace. She is an Entrepreneur, Graphic & Web Designer, Author, Speaker, Reiki Master Teacher & Meditation Teacher. She facilitates group meditations and has built a tight-knit spiritual community around her social media platforms. She helps new and seasoned business owners brand their offerings in a way that feels aligned and helps them navigate the online word.

Judith Anandi Grieve

Judith “Anandi” Grieve

Current Class Leading-
Chair Yoga, for over 55s
Assisting as adjustor – Restorative Yoga
Sub-Yin Yoga
Seva Yogi in the studio and during courses

Among many others, Bhakti Hasu, Prabhat & Lyne Lantaigne have been my esteemed Yoga teachers, via participation in TT1 and TT2, and through taking their divine classes at Yoga By The Sea.

A personal goal of mine is to become an old lady with an excellent posture and a happy outlook.


Jane Osborne, M.A., C.C.C. — Counsellor and member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association - Yoga By The Sea

Jane Osborne

M.A., C.C.C. — Counsellor and member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

Jane Osborne has a small private practice, providing counselling to individual clients at Yoga By the Sea in the Moon Studio.

She has provided counselling to youth and adults for over 25 years, combining traditional psychotherapy approaches, with a Danish psychotherapy model integrating mind/emotion/body learning.

Jane’s focus is to help clients learn new skills to live satisfying and fulfilling lives, to build core strengths and inner resources to face life’s challenges. Her approach is strength and solution focused, increasing self awareness and expanding connection with self and others. Her approach is tailored to the individual client.

Her range of practice includes addressing issues of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and building skills in the areas of assertiveness, communication, conflict resolution, relationship issues, and moving through life challenges and crises.

For more information and to book, Jane can be contacted on her website, via email or at 604-740-7862.

She offers one initial free visit.