Reopening with Love & Gratitude

For the past year,  we have felt all kinds of emotions around our beloved community Yoga and Wellness Centre. We have been hopeful, inspired, and motivated as we adjusted and refined with the changing restrictions to our offerings, but as the pandemic led us to close temporarily in March, we truthfully felt weary and afraid for our longevity.

Now in our 16th year of service within the community, in the Heart of the Creek, we had started to come to terms with the possibility that we would have to downsize, or even close the doors.  However, with the loving, constant support of our family of teachers and the expansive community it became evident that we were absolutely “just on pause”. Last Friday, while at the studio, there was a pulse that seemed to simply be saying: “I AM Here”, and that once this wave has passed we will once again celebrate together in all the sacred ways we have co-created.

I personally have such deep gratitude for how we have weathered the storm and I know that we will be building and expanding our Yoga Centre in the years to come. All of us are deeply in awe and inspired by the outpouring of love that you gave to us through the fundraiser in our time of need. Thank you for giving us the space to breathe and rest.

You may now book drop-in classes again though our online registration system! We are in the process of refining the schedule with the teachers, and will create a plan of action for both in-house and virtual classes. Please note that the schedule will be limited as we wait until June 15th to open fully for the summer, but you can still find our class archive and other tools for your practice on FaceBook and YouTube.

If you are studying with Lyne, Nicola, Roberts Creek Tai Chi or Melissa, please contact them directly to see what plans they have for the summer!

We continue to be deeply grateful to you for your compassion, grace, resilience, and adaptability.

With Infinite Blessings and Love,

Hasu, Lyne, Nicola, Melissa, Mary, Jean, Lesley, Roxanne, John, April, Meghan, Christina, Monika and with the entire family at Yoga by the Sea. Jai Bhagwan!

A Centre for Wellness, Bodywork, Yoga, Healing Arts, Tai Chi, Pilates, Chanting, Sound Healing and Movement in “The Heart of Roberts Creek”

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